Rw Mods

2090- Great overall performance 7,7.5,and 8mm stingers

           Smoother on the bottom than the other pipes
0801-  very good overall pipe with great all power and mileage

Tb-1-  Great low end power and adjustable stingers 

Argus A5 Modified



$75.00                      $70.00

Argus D52 .21

Argus D52 .21  Great engine for a buggy or truggy

5+2 ports

Turbo head

14mm crank (Rb style)

Bore 16.28                      

Stroke 16.8

Hp 2.58


I will ship internationally but inquire on shipping costs

Argus A5- Budget minded but you wouldn't know by driving it. The A5 has the same quality rotating parts, just more basic porting 



Questions?? e-mail

Modified D52



Argus A5 .21

Add engine lapping to make break in much easier and cut break in time in half   only $15.00!!

 Full engine break in  $50.00                            With engine purchase


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