Rw Mods

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I stock many more Argus parts and will gladly take one off a new engine if a part is needed.  e-mail

Argus is made by Alpha plus. All parts will interchange except the D52, .23, and A5 sleeves have the alignment notch on the opposite side. If you buy a Argus p/s/r assy. for an Alpha I can put in a new notch on the other side for you free of charge.

Argus R8 crankshaft

This will fit all Argus/Alpha

.21-.23 engines.

Silicone filled    $55.99

Argus .23 piston

sleeve and rod assy.


Argus R8 piston, sleeve

and rod assy.

(works in A5 or D52)


Argus .21-.23 Crankshaft

std. crank for all but R8

fits all Argus and Alpha engines